Jeremy Needs

Founder at Country House Real Estate

Tightening the laces on his trainer’s before dawn breaks, Jeremy Needs, has become as much a fixture to the region as the hills along the coast that he jogs daily. A Canadian and 27 year veteran of the Papagayo region, Jeremy has learned the nuances of this region’s topography and cultural flow, which secret he is happy to share. “Success here is not traversing the hills but rather following the natural flow with integrity, honesty and hardwork. Assimilation to both the culture and your environment will be the smoothest, most prosperous path.”

With family in tow Jeremy Needs, immigrated to Costa Rica, leaving a profession in education behind but bringing his need to share knowledge. In the early 90’s, his initial connection to the Guanacaste region steered his sights on opening the eyes and opportunities to his fellow countryman working with a Canadian charter company and developing a leisure activity company. All this experience and insight later drove him to realize that although the opportunity here was abundant, established cooperation in the real estate market was still very much a niche market. Teaming up with one of the most recognized and reliable Real Estate companies in the world Jeremy set off to fill this void, establishing the first brokerage in the area with fervent guidelines and firm promises. As the seed to what now has branched out all throughout the beach communities of Guanacaste, this company and idea grew exponentially. With this successful venture, Jeremy wanted to take a more active hands-on approach to put roofs over families heads and eventually paired Pacific Coast Real Estate with it’s partner entity Pacific Coast Construction. Maintaining the same values he had created in real estate gap, Jeremy Needs sought out to ensure that the literal nuts and bolts of housing here were as secure as his word. Focused on the arduous task of creating new building standards, he only found it fair to fully devote his time to creating over sales, allowing his real estate team to venture out on their own.

After years of gaining the reputation as solid builder and salt-of the earth businessman, Jeremy woefully again saw the void in the real estate market. Yet, demand was high and supply plentiful, the market wasn’t balanced, something attributed to quick fixes. Selling and buying had become a process of simply transferring goods for cash, the pivotal part of the equation had been taken out; that these are homes, lives, places where food is shared and children tucked in. Seeing this gap, Jeremy, with his new partner Jerome Leoty, has sought to refresh and rectify the real estate market from Playa Panama to Ocotal.

As with all aspects in Jeremy’s life he employees a sense of patriarcal duty to guide decisions towards the most beneficial outcome. In fact, the chances are if you ask about purchasing property his go to response would be a pensively inquisitive, “Why, what long term benefits do you see in owning here?”, opening up a collaborative conversation rather than pointing to a list of preappointed homes that may not suit your expectations. If you want more than just a house, but a home and a community, Jeremy is your man.

Given his daughter’s homework is done and a call with his boy’s isn’t scheduled, Jeremy would be more than happy to sit back with a beer and take you the process of assimilating into paradise

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